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Year Two

It’s funny how my love of travel and my own personal journey through life can come at cross purposes. Can I travel right now or can’t I? Is family drama derailing me? Is cash flow keeping me grounded? Is a personal injury or some annoying physical or mental ache preventing me from even going outside? Been there, done that! No more excuses. Better said than done, right?

As you can see, my posting regularity has been not so constant. Yes, due to all of the above. Some matters have resolved themselves, others not quite yet; however, that is not going to stop me from bringing about The Lost Journey’s next year in travel stories, inspiration, advice and just good ol’ conversations about getting outside and seeing the world.

And maybe I’ll share some of those personal journeys that can just hamper your travel plans, chances are, if I have been there, so have you.

So, what is to come, you ask?

Reporting on many travel subjects like,

What is Overtourism? Should we even travel?

The Middle East - Go or No?

The Time to Travel is Now - Travel as a Political Act

New Interviews including,

Gina’s Italy - A Young Woman’s Guide to a Very Personal Italy

New and Ongoing Series:

City Tours - 12 hours and under $100

Cities of Noir

Have Books/Will Travel OR Seen Movie/Will Travel

Upcoming Destinations:









and more...

Conversations in:

Mindful Travel

Trains, The Underrated Way to Go

Places, Esoteric and Obscura

And last but not least,

I’m writing a travel book (of some sort) - point is, I have to post, post, post to formulate my book writing ideas and since I just posted a rudimentary calendar of stories to my adoring public, it gives you the option to hound me if I get derailed ever again.

Cheers, Now Get Lost!

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