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Mother of All Travel

Eating Snow in Iceland

My mother has a love/hate relationship with Travel

She hates to fly

She hates strange foods

But even worse, she hates not traveling

Mushing in Alaska

She loves

Mushing in Alaska

Zip-lining over a jungle

Kayaking Hawaii

Dancing with Irish Gents

Running across the Scottish countryside

Basking under the Tuscan Sun

Climbing ancient steps in Montenegro

Having a pint in London

So, to fly...

How does she do it?

Drinks a double in the airport bar

Pulls out the hairs on the arms of whoever sits next to her on the plane

Listens to her jams on her noise cancelling headphones

Writes to hero pilots like Sully who never write back

So, eating...

What does she eat?

McDonald's, they’re worldwide and pretty much tastes the same

Snails or mushy substances? Not for her

Can't pronounce it? Not for her

Big Mac? Yep, that will do

Admiring doors in Brugge

No matter what my mother will or will not do, if it wasn’t for her sitting her ass on a plane, I wouldn’t be writing this, let alone a whole blog about travel

She got me travelling, experiencing, and following my passions

I need to travel or I might die

I need to write or I might die

I need to make sure mother knows where I am in the world, or she might die

So for all the mothers out there, whether it might be traveling, doctoring, teaching, painting, serving, chefing, brewing, engineering, building, and following their dreams whatever they may be, thanks for pushing your kids to do great things by following their passions

Happy Mother’s Day to mine and all the mothers out there!


Need more inspiration to hop a plane, check out Travel+Leisure's 12 Steps to Getting Over Fear of Flying.

In a future post, I'll delve into this fear of flying a little more.


Now Get Lost!

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