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Personal Landmarks


1. an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, especially one that enables someone to establish their location. 2. an event, discovery, or change marking an important stage or turning point in something.

Synonyms: turning point, milestone, watershed, critical point, benchmark.

#1 is the definition we probably use most. It's easy to locate and identify an iconic landmark anywhere we go, and any of them would be popular.

#2 is the definition I most associate with. To me, a landmark does not have to be what everyone else associates a particular place with. It can be a personal thing.

Take a trip I made to London not so long ago:

The Red Lion, London

What's my landmark of London?

No, not Big Ben or the London Bridge; the Red Lion.

On every trip to London, I make my first stop, the Red Lion. Is it the only pub in London? Heavens no! Is is the best pub in London? Probably not. Very few are independently owned, many being owned by corporations.

But it was my first ever pint in London that I had during my inaugural UK visit so the Red Lion represents a landmark on my adventures; something I will always return to. It's also another reminder of my discovery of beer that is not particularly cold. It’s truly a myth that the Brits serve warm beer; it’s just not really cold or as the brewers call it, "cellar temperature". I have been accustomed to how the U.S. does it with their Rocky Mountain coldness.

Notice how I just segued into beers. Yes, I can go on and on about beers from the UK, Iceland, Germany, Belgium (don’t get me started on that one) but this post is not about the beer, it’s about capturing a personal landmark on your visit to a particular destination.

However, I do have an idea for another post dedicated to international drinking, hmm

Bruges, Belguim

There are the obvious landmarks to any visit like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Coliseum in Rome, but I’m talking about the personal ones, granted that the Eiffel Tower can be your own personal landmark for any number of reasons.

Maybe the Eiffel Tower is where you met your future significant other or...

for me, outside the Red Lion, where I had a hearty conversation with a Londoner who wanted to pick a fight, at least I think so, as he pulled up his shirt, showed his muscles and got really, really close to kissing me. Was it a fight or a kiss he wanted? I couldn't understand a word he said, and it was English or at least a form of it. I equated him with the Brad Pitt character from the movie "Snatch". He spoke a sort of mishmash of English, Irish, Scottish, and just plain jibberish.

Brad Pitt, "Snatch"

Okay, Brad. Put your shirt back on!

Back to Landmarks:

There is a certain rotary in Malta that I long to return to because it was the final vision of a cruise in the Mediterranean that was my first ever trip overseas. That rotary was lined with bright orange buses and centered with a beautiful fountain, the image ever burned into memory; no photograph needed to remind me of the landmark. This particular day is why I will always travel, just so I can find more landmarks.

Valletta, Malta

So, what are your landmarks?

Don’t have any?

Well, go find one!

Now Get Lost!!!


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