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It Will Once Again Be A Beautiful Day

So wanting to travel but knowing that I can't. Well, I can with proper protection: face mask, gallon of sanitizer, a stylish hazmat suit...Some out there are jumping on planes or at least taking road trips but as a U.S. Citizen, kind want to get out of the mess we are kind of in. I'm not getting political here, for that I'll just yell out my window and yell at strangers like everyone else.

Roaming the web, at least looking at places I want to go next, I stumbled upon an article by The Points Guy, a travel website that actually was created by one guy but now who has many guys and gals helping the savvy traveler to get the most out of their travel buck. The article, authored by Clint Henderson asked the question, "When will international travel return?" It offers up a recent country-to-country guide of who is reopening and how. You will note that a lot of countries are not to keen on letting in Americans yet due to our the U.S. being the current epicenter to the Covid Crisis. If you do have to travel, you might have to quarantine yourself in their country for 14 days, prove you don't have the virus with a negative test result, or at the very least be wrapped up in caution tape so tight you'll walk like a penguin.

Anyway, check out the story here.

For now, enjoy the video of "Beautiful Day" by U2 below, filmed in location at Charles de Gaulle International Airport. A video that actually makes me miss airports.

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