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The Travel Bug, Not The Flu Bug!

Taken by The Flu

Yes, unfortunately I picked up the wrong bug last week which seriously derailed my blogging efforts. But I am now back up to 100% and working on my posting calendar. Here is a little taste of what is to come:

*Guest writer reporting on her first visit to New York City.

*Upcoming interviews with tour guides from Russia and Thailand.

*A conversation with a close friend from Bulgaria.

*New Top 10 Lists

*Lost in: Thailand, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, England, Alaska, New York.

*Full report from the upcoming Los Angeles Travel Convention

In the meantime, keep a healthy dose of Purell and antibacterial wipes handy, especially in crowded places where people are close to each other, often for stretches of time, like shopping malls, airplanes, churches and concert halls, and watch those kids. Yes, unfortunately, children are big distributors of the influenza virus as they can exhale larger amounts of virus and can transmit the virus for even longer periods than adults.

I would rather spend a week travelling and not on my couch!



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