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Travel the World on $50 a Day by Matt Kepnes

While I prepare for my upcoming trip to Iceland, I’ve been really busy making that extra moola so I can stretch out that American dollar on my travels. In the meantime, I thought I would share one of the many Travel Guides I go to for those all important first hand accounts of foreign destinations.

Nomadic Matt is one of the more recent additions to my Travel Guide library as he helped inform me of how to maneuver the streets of a recent trip to Bangkok. Matthew Kepnes has been running his travel blog since 2008 and is the author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. The title speaks for itself and doles out plenty of advice on to travel on a budget.

I’m lucky I have some great parents who love to take family vacations to all parts of the world (and I'm the only child). But for those of you that just don’t think they have to means to travel internationally, take a look at Matt’s book as he has plenty of ways you can travel with minimal funds. I guarantee the reward you get from travelling the world is worth every well-saved penny.

Matt also inspired me to start writing my own travel blog. He started off just like I did, slow at first, found his niche, then Boom, he’s one of the best in the travel writing industry. As you read Matt’s guides, you can be sure that he has visited every restaurant, attraction, and locale personally himself and it is not a paid advertisement. Matt has tons of travel tips from years of experience, interviews with other travel experts, case studies and profiles of other travelers from various backgrounds, and detailed costs to help your budget.

Right now, he has an essay contest to win a trip around the world and guess who is going to enter. I really shouldn’t tell you so you don’t beat me to the prize but here is the link anyways.

Cheers and Happy Travels

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